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We are not a classic SAP consulting company, but in the field of accounting, SAP is the most widely used ERP system in Europe. No accounting project could be implemented without knowledge of the ERP systems in use. And it is precisely here that bsp forms the interface that helps us succeed in our projects. We not only develop theoretical concepts, but also know how they can be successfully implemented in SAP.


As a rule, we work together with IT employees of the customer or with our own partner companies to implement the business requirements. This successfully closes the gap between business administration and IT implementation. Whether it is the implementation of an order-related production in plant construction, which according to IFRS 15 has to be determined using the percentage-of-completion method (PoC) and implemented in the ERP SAP-CO (Controlling) or the complex issues of leasing accounting, for example Sale-and-lease-back constellation according to IFRS 15 and 16.


It is crucial for you as a customer that we can also implement your requirements.


Our competencies in the area of ​​SAP:

  • Conception and implementation of cost of sales accounting in SAP FI / CO

  • Creation and adjustment of group accounts according to 3-account or ledger method (newGL)

  • IFRS introduction or conversions in SAP FI / CO and SAP Central Finance

  • Project management for the implementation of business requirements in SAP

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