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IT Service 


Many corporate structures have outsourced the IT servicing area to their own companies. If the processes are clearly and comprehensibly structured, this offers advantages, since the services provided can also be offered on the external market and thus better utilized capacity. But the scale of IT performance in today's businesses is more than extensive, and often out-sourced companies themselves compete with the market where their performance is measured.


Measuring is the right keyword. "You can not manage what you can not measure." This wisdom came from either the physicist Edwards Deming or the author Peter Drucker. And the statement is correct until today. In some projects at well-known companies, we have made the processes measurable and thus plannable together with the company. This has laid the foundation for the development of a management and controlling system tailored to the needs of modern SharePoint service centers. Benefit from these experiences.


Our competencies in the field of IT service providers:

  • Implementation of operational control systems for service providers

  • Development of planning models

  • Implementation of management and controlling systems

  • Process optimization of shared service areas

  • Project management for the adaptation of the SAP and reporting systems

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