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For more than 15 years, we have been assisting large and medium-sized companies in the conversion / introduction and further development of accounting in accordance with the IFRS standards. Since most companies have already introduced IFRS as a parallel accounting standard today, the introduction is now playing a downstream role. Today, it is rather the updates of the IFRS standards, such as the conversion from IAS 17 - Leasing to the new standard IFRS 16, which cause companies a considerable effort in the conversion of the accounting approaches.


In recent years, we have collected a number of tools (such as accounting models, classification models (IFRS 16), etc.), project approach, and experience of how to implement such complex conversion / adjustment projects in day-to-day operations smoothly and at the end of the audit.


Our expertise in IFRS accounting:

  • GAP analysis of IFRS adjustments for processes and IT system

  • Creation of booking models according to local GAAP and IFRS as the basis of concept

  • Creation and adjustment of group accounts according to 3-account or ledger method

  • Project management for the implementation and adaptation of IT systems

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